Silicone for Insulating glass (IG)- bonding - edge seal

Dowsil™ DC 3362/3362HD en

Dowsil™ 3362/3362HD Insulating glass sealant is is a two-component, neutral curing silicone formulation intended for use as a secondary sealant in a dual sealed insulating glass unit.

Dowsil™ DC 3363 en

Dowsil™ 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant is a high strength secondary two-part silicone sealant specifically designed for high strength applications for use as a secondary seal in insulating glass units.

Dowsil™ DC 3540 en

Dowsil™ 3540 is a fast cure one-component sealant designed to provide a secondary seal in a dual sealed insulating glazing unit.

Dowsil™ DC 3793 en

Dow Corning® DC 3793
Dowsil™ 3793 is a high performance, moisture curing, onepart neutral sealant, specifically designed for the insulating glazing industry for the production of hermetically sealed units.